SABS APPROVED GUN SAFES CAPE TOWN: The best way to select a firearm safe

SABS 953-1 Safe: 6mm front door with heavy duty 7 lever lock

One of the most important parts in applying for a firearm as a first-time buyer is your safe. Compliance to SABS 953-1 has become our industries benchmark to ensure that you, as a first-time firearm owner, procure the right safe. General question like, what type of safe must I buy, where to go to and how must I install my safe comes up as a few questions that is widely asked in the firearm safe industry.

Finding a reputable dealer with the right quality safe could be challenge as there is many choices available. At The Safe Boys (Pty) Ltd we believe that we are firearm owners selling safes and not safe sellers, selling to the public. With this said it is our privilege to support you in this process of procuring a firearm safe.

A safe is a serious decision and a lot of first-time firearm owners make this the last and quick choice when embarking on this journey. When you receive your competency certificate from the South African Police service, the application for the firearm is normally a run to buy your firearm but noted that your safe must be installed to complete the application process. This can lead to purchasing an unsuitable or even wrong safe for your firearm. Safes are not just safes, safes are made in various different quality and for the new buyer this is not easy to see what is the difference between products. The SABS mark on a safe tells you the buyer that the safe conforms to standards put out by our government. This help a lot and will definitely send you in the right path to purchase your safe. A major question would be what size to purchase but that you can decide as there are multiple options available in the market. Please make sure that you have an educated conversation with your dealer to assist with this decision.

In this part of our conversation I would like to take your attention to the Firearm Control Act of 2000 – 2004 where the act directly instructs regarding what the safe must comply to i.e. SABS 953-1. This will assist in your search. Seeking a SABS mark on your safe can make your journey a lot easier. It is also noted that the act refers to comply which means that it does not have to be marked SABS but still have to comply to SABS 953-1. Generally, for insurance purpose it is recommended to purchase a SABS marked safe from a reputable manufacturer. The act has thus made note of older safes that does not have SABS markings but still comply to the act. There is plenty of great older safes in the market that does comply and not necessary to replace them.

The South African Firearms Control Act, 2000 – 2004 states the following:

Chapter 10 – Safe custody of firearms and ammunition

Safes and safe custody

86. (1) When a firearm is not under the direct personal and physical control of a holder of a licence, authorisation or permit to possess the firearm, the firearm and its ammunition must be stored in a safe or strongroom that conforms to the prescripts of SABS Standard 953-1 and 953-2, unless otherwise specifically provided in these regulations.

At the Safe Boys (Pty) Ltd we believe that each firearm must be stored in a quality safe that meets and surpasses the outline of SABS 953-1. Our products are tested for quality. Our manufactures and suppliers driven by the same ethos that has made The Safe Boys (Pty) Ltd a player in the South African market.

If we look at the SABS 953-1, which is the standard of our market, the minimum requirement for your firearm safe will be the following

Type B2 Firearm Safe

  • Quality Mild Steel to be used
  • 5.75 mm front door or more
  • 2.80 mm body or more
  • 4 holes of 10mm to secure safe
  • 3 moving bolts not more than 50mm apart
  • SABS 7 lever lock

Just to mention a few but these will give you a good indication if your safe complies. Also note that your rawl bolt must be more than 80mm long and a washer of 3mm thick and 30mm wide must be used for the installation.

Do not look at your firearm safe as an expense but rather as an investment to protect your firearm when you are not able too. I do not understand how some consumers will purchase a R 15 000.00 firearm but does not want to invest in their safe. Remember a lot of times your safe is the last defense when it comes to a criminal trying to get to your valuable goods.

To end of this very serious conversation, The Safe Boys (Pty) Ltd, which is located in Cape Town, has built an implacable reputation when it comes to supplying firearm safes. The Safe Boys (Pty) Ltd will be there to assist in your selection of your firearm safe. Our highly competent team will assist in this very important decision. From selecting the right safe for your application, delivery and installation of your choice. Add in some great prices to complete the buying experience. This will insure that your safe inspection will pass and your application can be submitted for consideration.

Please note our selection of SABS 953-1 compliant firearm safes at

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Why Gun Safes are Important.

Why Gun Safes Are Important?

It is quite surprising that in this day and age that so many gun owners still overlook the importance of having a good quality safe. Why would you need a safe? Well, for one you may want to keep your children from getting access to it, thinking that it may be a toy, but that’s not the only reason. A gun safe is one of the most effective ways to keep your weapon from falling into the wrong hands.  It protects your firearms from intruders who steal your guns and later resell or use them to commit other crimes. Here are a few points that will help you understand the importance of a gun safe:

  • Eliminate Chances of Burglary and Theft
  • Secure Other Valuables
  • Peace of Mind

Keeping your weapon in a superior quality safe reduces the chances of having it stolen. A large percentage of gun owners have no idea of their stolen weapons until they’re used in crimes. So, storing the guns and other firearms in a secure safe is the best thing you can do for your protection.

Gun safes can also be used for safely keeping other valuable possessions such as jewelry, important documents, and cash.

Storing guns and other firearms in a gun safe makes you feel safe, as your possessions are far away from burglary, theft, or any other mishap.

If you are looking for the best quality gun safes, feel free to have a look at our products in the catalog section. The Safe Boys is a reputable brand that offers top-notch quality gun safes at the most competitive prices.